Akala, a well known artist, MOBO Award winner with the British Council in Indonesia

Akala (rapper, Hip Hop Shakespeare) in collaboration with Jogja Hip Hop Foundation for HipHop4Nation project. © British Council.

The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company (THSC) and Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF) were brought together by The British Council to use their native language (English and Javanese Sanskrit) to perform collaborative songs. 

The musical marriage created opportunity for artists to share skills and develop artistic practice. The outcome of the collaboration was of modern cutting-edge dimension of music, while still preserving each of their identities culturally and individually. 

This hip hop music collaboration was a barrier-breaking innovation of cross-cultural and linguistic diversity of how the use of language can influence the formation of individual and group identity.

The British Council along with the hip hop music collaboration was instumental in providing cultural exchange in order for young people to significantly enhance their understanding of other people and their cultures.

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