Annisa (in blue) is performing at the UK/ID Festival

Annisa Rahmania was born deaf and is a passionate advocate in promoting disability issues in Indonesia. Her visit to the Unlimited Festival in London inspired her to start working on creating disability-inclusive activities in Indonesia to raise the awareness of equal opportunity for disabled people.

In 2016, British Council invited Annisa to the Unlimited Festival in London to make new connections with many UK creative disability artists where she witnessed the power of the innovation and appreciation of disability arts there. This experience motivated Annisa to create disability-inclusive activities in Indonesia and these activities were included in the UK/ID Festival in 2017.

The UK is seen as a source of inspiration and a place to learn on how to create an inclusive culture that promotes equality and fair treatment of the disabled people. The UK is also showing that barriers, which disabled people experience, can be minimised through arts and creative innovations.

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