Four promising young Indonesian leaders in their respective field of expertise were sent to the Future Leaders Connect in 2017 and discovered what it means to become the spark that ignites the hope of their country.

Returning from the Future Leaders Connect 2017, Ayu, Dina, Felippa, and Gandrie, spoke in front of an audience and the media. They concurred that FLC has opened the door to develop strong and personal connections with other future leaders across the globe and got inspired by the solutions that other countries have developed. It was a mind-changing experience and the lessons coming out from the programme are helping them to hone their practical skills in policy-making.

“You are never too old to learn, never too young to lead” - Kofi Annan

The UK is leading the way to inspire and motivate future young leaders in Asia so they can create a better world through policy-making. Be that at global, regional, or local level.