The Heliosphere at the Solo arts festival

The Dream Engine. Heliosphere is flying high with SIPA 2012. © British Council.

The British Council presented The Dream Engine's contemporary dance performance, The Heliosphere, combining art and gymnastics.

The Dream Engine (a dance company based in the UK) was hand-picked based on innovations in the use of air as an open stage with the help of music, lighting, and the location. The Heliosphere was built to perform with the illusion of flying.

Performing at the Solo International Performing Arts 2012, The Heliosphere was able to enchant the entire audience. The unique experience opened the eyes of the audience, other artists and performers in a clear statement that there is no boundary in creativity. 

A day before the festival began, The Dream Engine visited Padepokan Bagong Art Kussudiardja (PSBK) in Jogjakarta for an artist dialogue. In a casual discussion, they exchanged information about the dance scene of the two countries, the type of audience and connoisseurs of art, along with experiences and variety of performing arts that had been showcased by the two groups.

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