Did you know you can gain a UK higher education qualification in your own country? 

Have you thought about doing a UK degree in Indonesia? Many UK higher education institutions offer courses overseas, including in Indonesia. These courses are provided through local partners, branch campuses, and online platforms. 

The provision of these UK university courses overseas is called transnational education, or TNE for short. They are designed, delivered, and quality-assured to the UK’s own rigorous standards, and lead to UK qualifications that are fully recognised by employers and national education authorities in Indonesia.

More than 700,000 students all over the world study towards a UK university qualification outside the UK. Some do this in their home country, others travel to another country to study for a UK qualification. Students who chose this option benefit from the UK’s world-class education resources, and enjoy similar academic support services as well as an international experience.  

How will I benefit from a UK transnational education?

A UK qualification opens doors to many new and exciting opportunities. Many students in Indonesia have completed a UK TNE course and boosted their personal and career development as a result. 

Gain a competitive edge: UK university qualifications are recognised for their career-enhancing quality. Pursuing UK TNE will equip you with the analytical skills, critical thinking, teamwork ability, and international awareness employers are looking for, all while boosting your English language proficiency in the process.

Expand your international outlook: Studying on a UK TNE course will allow you to experience the UK’s approach to education and interact with students from different countries. You may even have the opportunity to spend time in the UK as part of your course. This is a great way to learn about the UK and it may well be the first step to studying in the UK in the future.

Should I consider a UK transnational education?

UK TNE offers a lot of flexibility and is a great alternative to gaining a qualification in the UK. 

Choice of study modes and locations: You can study full-time with a local partner or at a branch campus, or, if you prefer, you can choose a part-time course and study anywhere through online distance learning. Some courses can even be studied on a flexible basis, giving you complete control over your time. Regardless of which study mode or location you choose, you will enjoy excellent support services and have access to outstanding academic resources.

Entry routes: Whether you’re looking to gain a first degree or expand your existing qualification through a postgraduate course, a range of TNE courses are available to suit different needs. Some universities also offer pre-degree courses, enabling you to take the first step into UK higher education and progress onto higher level courses.

Costs and funding: UK TNE is a cost-effective way of gaining a fully recognised UK qualification.  Please check with specific local providers on payment terms and for information about scholarships and other funding sources available for your course. 

How can I get Involved?

There are various TNE options for your consideration, including: 

1) Online courses, through which you can study in your own time towards a range of UK qualifications, such as certificates and diplomas, or even a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree.    

2) Articulation pathways, by which an institution will match its coursework requirements to those at another institution in the same or a different country, such as the UK, enabling you to transfer to another institution without repeating coursework.

3) Joint degrees (also called double degrees, dual degrees, combined degrees, conjoint degrees, simultaneous degrees, or double graduation programmes), by which you study at two partner universities in the same or different countries, such as the UK, and earn two degrees. 


For more information about UK TNE programmes in Indonesia, please contact studyuk.indonesia@britishcouncil.org