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Are you looking for undergraduate or postgraduate study options in the UK?

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Undergraduate study

Search more than 50,000 undergraduate courses in the UK

UCAS has more than 50,000 undergraduate courses with more than 395 providers in the UK. You will also find a wide range of foundation courses available too. 

Get started in your academic career with a UK undergraduate degree. 

The flexibility of UK courses and the variety of options available allow you to pick your courses and shape your studies to make sure the programme you choose suits you. 

Find more information on the different types of undergraduate courses on our Study UK website (English only). 

Postgraduate study

Search for a course

  • Search on Prospects - Prospects provide one of the most comprehensive post-graduate course searches with details on master degrees, MBA courses, PhD study, post-graduate diplomas and certificates, Law qualifications and Teacher Training. 
  • Search on UCAS - UCAS also offer some postgraduate course search options.

Studying for a postgraduate degree in the UK can transform your career.

The UK is world renowned for its academic excellence and is the global leader in quality of reasearch.

Find more information on the different types of postgraduate courses on our Study UK website (English only). 

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