A farmer drying harvested grains

How villagers in Nyambu are unlocking their tourism potential

As an ever-increasing amount of Bali’s farmland is being converted into hotels, resorts and other tourism-related infrastructure, community members from Nyambu Village are taking a more sustainable approach to tourism on the island. They are developing a model of tourism based on their natural and cultural assets.

Ecotourism now supports community members in protecting their land and the local environment, and also enables them to preserve and maintain local traditions, through tourism products including rice field, cultural, and cycling tours, culinary and painting classes and home-stays. Community members were given support in how to manage their own tourism businesses and tackle increasing urbanisation. Training in capacity development, English for tourism, and financial literacy was delivered to around 270 community members.

"The development of village tourism will be able to limit farmland conversion," Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti

Community members are now benefiting from additional income while preserving their culture and natural resources. Nyambu Village is now a key resource for many communities across Indonesia who are looking to start their own community-based tourism projects. British Council worked with PT Langgeng Kreasi Jayaprima/Diageo and Yayasan Wisnu to deliver this project.

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