Selasa 18 June 2019 to Senin 01 July 2019

Request for Proposal (RfP)

The British Council requires local research team to support a UK-based lead researcher in conducting a survey on understanding the existing social innovation and entrepreneurship research and teaching landscape at higher education institutions in Indonesia, as part of the same survey done in four countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The survey should be designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of existing social innovation and Social Enterprise activities in research, teaching and incubation. The study should analyse gaps in knowledge and capacity and future ambitions of the academic community in this area. The research team is expected to propose a future agenda, which will:

  • Provide a blueprint for future academic research of an applied nature
  • Provide recommendations to strengthen the quality of the teaching of social innovation both for curricula and extracurricular programmes.
  • Set out a strategy to support more graduates to pursue career pathways that related to social innovation 

The survey should also measure proxies to gauge the levels of trust and collaboration that currently exist across academic disciplines, between universities and between universities and society. The survey is designed to both be a publicly available document which will inform strategy and policy for higher education institutions around social innovation and Social Enterprise. 

The survey will be supported by a Taskforce Group/Advisory Group who will play a strategic advisory role in contributing to the study. The Contract awarded will be for the duration of maximum 6 (six) months, based on project requirements, the contract may be extended for a further month.

For further information and to submit a bid or bids, please download the Request for Proposals documents below. 

The deadline for submission of proposals and supporting document is Monday, 1st July 2019, 23:59 WIB.

Please send proposals and supporting documents to