An Indonesian artist putting up post-it notes with ideas written on a wall

UK/Indonesia 2016-18 will work across the full spectrum of arts and creative industries, but there are some main priorities and key recurring themes, including:

Arts and Technology

Exploring the potential of technology to invent new audience experiences, enhance audience reach or simply expand the horizons of creativity and open new artistic views.

To provide a flavour of what this means for us, here are some stories featuring the activities, projects and partners we worked with in 2016 that touches this theme:

Arts and Disability

Opening up discussions on disability in Indonesia through the arts. Here are some of the stories from our work in 2016:

A man looks at the Someone Come Find Me installation.
Anonymity gives a sense of freedom, with many messages being declarations of love. 
Kids playing with the 8-bit mixtape synths at the Digital Design Weekend.
Kids playing with Lifepatch's 8-bit mixtape synths at the Digital Design Weekend. 
Belinda is looking at art work
Belinda is looking at work by Yasuyuki Ueno ©

British Council

Smell being placed below a participants nose during the virtual reality session.
Smells are intensified during the virtual reality experience...

If you are working in any of the mentioned themes and are interested in collaborative work between UK and Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us, or keep checking our website or social media for new opportunities.