Hubs in a form of creative spaces have been established in Indonesia since years ago where it becomes a movement for independent art and cultural scenes.

These spaces are usually initiated and run by individual and collective art initiatives, occupying different forms of spaces with the aim to provide physical space to produce, display or store art works whilst building community values along the way with a main aim to provide space for community purposes. But, why hubs?

  • Hubs can be more than a home for creatives, they can also be a voice for the sector.​
  • Hubs boost economic value, incubate products and service innovation, challenge new ways of working and thinking, etc.​
  • Hubs play a vital role in the growth of the creative economy, by gathering and representing growing creative communities. ​
  • Hubs generate/promote/amplify positive social impact by being inclusive in their community and with their audiences, and by invigorating neighbourhoods.​
  • Hubs have been great partners in our programming so far - as delivery partners, collaborators, producers and researchers. ​
  • Working with hubs is a ‘one to many’ approach which ensures that support to one leader translated into strengthening a whole creative community.​

This Creative Hubs programme in Indonesia is being developed under a global programme:

Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE), a programme committed to addressing the rising underemployment for young people in emerging economies and the lack of inclusive economic development in emerging economies which can translate into instability, political disaffection and reduced economic growth.   

2019-20 Programme Milestones

Below are several projects as part of the development of this programme in 2019 - 2020. 

Creativity Survival Toolkit

Collaborative project between C2O Library and Collabtive with Re-dock in creating a creative toolkit to be used by individuals who are working in the creative industries and for organisations and institutions looking to support them to better understand the characteristics of the creative industry, the opportunities, risks and challenges.

Read the full story here.

Synergy of Creative Industry

An initiative created by Surabaya Creative Network (SCN) to strengthen the institutional capacity of the key creative economy players in Surabaya (businesses, universities, government, community etc.) to build a supportive creative ecosystem.

In collaboration with the city government, SCN transformed underdeveloped districts into a creative district.

Read the full story here.

Inclusive Makerspace

Project created by SUBstitute Makerspace where they provide space to initiate maker movement that generates social impact, offer equal access, engages urban and global change and active citizenship.

They are collaborating with Cockpit Arts (UK) in creating a business incubation for craft organisations working with people with disabilities.

Read the full story here.


Creative Hubs Academy

A learning programme provided by Nesta, British Council and Hivos. The programme is for leaders of “Creative Hubs” that serve communities and create change in the field of Creative, Digital, and Social Innovation. The core of the learning programme is a three day capacity-building workshop, followed by a period of learning in action and two-day coaching retreat.

The first batch of Creative Hubs Academy was held in Surabaya on the time range of June – December. A total of 16 participants from a total of more than 80 applicants mostly coming from east java and other parts of Indonesia.

A Creative Hub Panel at IdeaFest

During IdeaFest 2019, DICE invited four hub managers from various places in Indonesia to share on their programmes and impacts under the panel session “Creative Hub: How to Sustain and Create Inclusive Opportunities?”

The Rise of Creative Hubs

To enhance the impact of Creative Hubs around Indonesia, spreading information and campaign creation become urgent. By highlighting their profiles and programs through engaging content, all outputs will then be activated throughout our channels and distributed to a wider audience. Together with Whiteboard Journal, British Council will develop a campaign that will focus on the raise of Creative Hubs movement in Indonesia in a form of video series and a printed book.