Young people in Indonesia showing an artist from the UK an augmented reality game they have designed for a tablet.

Indonesia and the UK are two hugely creative countries. Yet there is currently very little cultural exchange between them, despite there being a vast amount to gain from getting to know each other. 

Throughout 2016 to 2018, UK/Indonesia will start to address this through a programme of interventions.


  • to build new relationships between artists, producers, curators and organisations in the UK and Indonesia 
  • to use these relationships to see new showcases of UK creativity in Indonesia, of Indonesian creativity in the UK, and of international collaboration in both countries.

Indonesia’s creative spirit has a community-centred culture, a DIY ethos and a brilliant sense of humour, which will excite UK artists and audiences. And Indonesia’s young population, enthusiasm for live music and affinity for digital technology offer huge opportunities for some of the UK’s cultural strengths. 

Indonesia is a young, tech-savvy country, so our main focus will be on the future potential of young creatives and producers, and the creative possibilities of new digital technology.

UK/Indonesia will have its own distinctive feel that reflects the spirit of young creatives in UK and Indonesia: inventive, inclusive and fresh.

And as more and more artists and creative producers share ideas, exchange content and collaborate on new work, we’ll be telling their stories – right here on this site.