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All UK/Indonesia 2016-18 projects and activities must:

1. Fit with at least one of the principal aims of the programme:

  • To build new relationships between artists, producers, curators and organisations in the UK and Indonesia.
  • To use those relationships to showcase UK creativity in Indonesia, Indonesian creativity in the UK, and international collaboration in both countries.

2. Fit with at least one of the programme focuses:

  • The future potential of young creatives and producers.
  • The creative possibilities of new technology.
  • Ensuring a full role for disabled artists and audiences.

3. Ideally relate to one or more of our our following key themes:

  • Arts and Technology
  • Arts and Disability

4. Contribute to the spirit and feel of UK/Indonesia 2016-18 as inventive, inclusive and fresh.

5. Develop creative content for showcasing in the UK/ID Festival in Indonesia.

6. Contribute to a good creative mix of project type and art forms.

7. Contribute to the programme’s overall geographical spread.

To ensure the high quality of our projects, they must:

  • have appropriate arrangements in place to manage the project
  • provide evidence that the relationship between UK and Indonesian artists/organisations could be sustained beyond the lifetime of the project
  • be realistic, achievable and deliverable within timeframe and budget
  • include high quality of artistic ideas and delivery partners
  • be of sufficient interest to attract target audiences in Indonesia
  • be of sufficient interest to contribute towards attracting wider partnerships for UK/Indonesia 2016-18.