By UK/Indonesia 2016-18 team

15 April 2016 - 10:00

One of the key themes of UK/Indonesia 2016-18 is Digital Culture, focusing on the potential of digital technologies to enhance audience reach and invent new audience experiences.

In March 2016, seven UK artists with a wide range of experience in digital and interactive arts visited Indonesia to explore ways that the UK and Indonesia could work together to imagine a creative digital future. 

Through networking activities, mini-residencies, a prototyping lab and three public events, the Digital Culture Visit encouraged discussions, sharing of experiences and stimulated brand new collaborations between the UK and Indonesia around the use of digital technologies in art.

Some of the themes that emerged included questions around funding, planning, collective working and sharing resources, art and science, public space, the philosophical implications of technological change and the role of art in this context, skills sharing, the environment and participatory practice. 

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UK artists Irini Papadimitriou and Nick Tandavanitj listen to a presentation during a public event held at Langgeng Art Foundation in Yogyajarta.
UK artists Irini Papadimitriou and Nick Tandavanitj listen to a presentation during a public event held at Langgeng Art Foundation in Yogyajarta.
A group photo of the UK and Indonesian artists at Lifepatch.
The UK artists visited vaious galleries, spaces and art collectives, including Lifepatch in Yogyajarkta. Local artists shared some of their projects with the group, and discussed the differences between working pratices in the UK and Indonesia.
A group photo of the UK and Indonesian artists at Tobong.
During the visit to Indonesia, the UK artists also visited Ketoprak Tobong, a traditional Javanese travelling theatre.
Irini Papadimitriou and Andreas Siagian at Lifepatch in Yogyakarta.
During the Digital Culture Visit mini-residencies took place in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Jatiwangi. Irini Papadimitriou was hosted by Andreas Siagian from Lifepatch in Yogyakarta.
An aerial shot of UK and Indonesian artists sharing ideas at a work shop in Bandung, Indonesia.
Following the mini-residencies, the UK and Indonesian artists reconvened in the city of Bandung to share their experiences. After an inital brainstorming session, they split into small groups for a 24 hour protyping session culminating in a public presentation at Spasial. 

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