Newton Institutional Links is part of the Newton Fund. This is part of the UK’s official development assistance programme.

Newton Institutional Links provides grants for the development of research and innovation collaborations between the UK and Indonesia. The research facilitated by these grants tackles local development needs and challenges such as extreme weather conditions, access to affordable health care, food and energy security.

The grants are intended to provide small-scale seed funding to:

  • start and develop collaborations between academic groups, departments and institutions in partner countries and the UK
  • support the exchange of expertise and research knowledge
  • establish local hubs for UK-partner country activities. 

Call for Applications 2019/20

Item Description
Indonesia Co-Partner

Directorate of Research and Development – Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristekdikti/MoRTHE)

Kerjasama Luar Negeri (KLN) programme – for Indonesian applicants from university

Thematic Priority Areas
  1. Food - Agriculture
  2. Integration of Energy Research - New and Renewable
  3. Health – Drugs
  4. Transportation
  5. Information and Communication Technology
  6. Advanced Materials
  7. Maritime
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Social Humanities – Art of Culture - Education

Information on priority sub-themes is available below

Duration of Grants 24 months
Grant Value
  • Newton fund  (UK Side): Minimum GBP 50,000, Maximum GBP 80,000 from Newton Fund 
  • Ristekdikti (ID Side): IDR 190,000,000 to IDR 650,000,000. Approximately GBP 10,000 to 35,000 - Based on type of focus and research output 

Please note that Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristekdikti) provides the grant in Indonesian Rupiah. 

Application Submission

One application per one Indonesia-UK partner on Newton Fund system.

Contractual Arrangement

Newton Fund pays UK institution and Ristekdikti pays in-country institution

Other Considerations

Criteria for the UK principal applicant is same with general guidelines

Indonesian applicants only:

For Indonesia Principal Investigator 
  • Indonesian Principal Investigators has to be registered in Simlitabnas (Sistem Informasi Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat)
  • Works at Indonesian Higher Education 
  • For other eligibility criteria of Indonesia PI, Please refer to SIMLITABNAS guidelines (Panduan Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat edisi xii Tahun 2018) page 22 through under Penelitian Dasar and Penelitian Terapan

For Basic Research

  • ID PI holds PhD degree and at least at the post of expert assistant or beyond.
  • ID PI has at least two (2) articles published in reputable indexed database and/or accredited national journal as first author or corresponding author
  • Research team consist of 1–2 person

For Applied Research

  • ID PI holds PhD degree and at least at the post of expert assistant or beyond.

In addition to joint report submission via Research fish, Indonesian applicants must also submit narrative and financial report to Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE)

How to Apply

Find Your UK Counterpart

Read guidelines thoroughly

Complete Your Application

  • Send completed application online  


  • Successful applicants will be notified by the British Council


  • 3 June 2019 - Application open
  • 9 August 2019 - Application closed
  • 12-19 August 2019 - Eligibility review
  • 4-11 November 2019 - Quality review
  • 25 November – 2 December 2019 - Indonesia & UK Joint Panel
  • 9 December 2019 - Announcement
  • Between January to March 2020 - First payment

Priority Topics and Sub-Topics

Food - Agriculture

  •  Plant Breeding Technologies
  • Sub-optimal Land Use and Cultivation Technology
  • Postharvest Technology
  • Technology of Food Security and Sovereignty

Integration of Energy Research - New and Renewable Energy 

  • Fuel Substitution Technology
  • Independence of Power Generation Technology
  • Energy Conservation Technology
  • Resilience Technology, Energy Diversification and Strengthening of Social Communities 

Health - Drugs 

  • Technology of Biopharmaceutical Products
  • Medical Device Technology and Diagnostics
  • Technology of Raw Materials Self-Reliance 


  • Transportation Safety Technology and Management
  • Technology for Strengthening National Transportation Industry
  • Infrastructure and System Support Technology Transportation
  • The study of policy, social and economic transportation

Information and Communication Technology 

  • Development of ICT Infrastructure
  • Development of Open Source System / Platform
  • Technology for ICT Content Improvement
  • ICT Device Technology and ICT Support

Advanced Materials

  • Technology of Strategic Mineral Processing Made by Local Raw 
  • Functional Materials Development Technology
  • Exploration of New Potential Material Technology
  • Material Characterization Technology and Industrial Support


  • Technology Development for Remote Regional Sovereignty  (Front, Remote, Underdeveloped)
  • Maritime Environment Conservation Technology
  • Technology for Strengthening Maritime Infrastructure


  • Technology and Management of Geological Disasters
  • Technology and Management of Disaster Hydrometeorology 
  • Technology and Management of Land and Forest Fire Disaster
  • Technology and Environmental Management

Social Humanities - Art of Culture - Education

  • Study on Socio-Cultural Development
  • Sustainable Mobility Review
  • Review of Strengthening Social Capital
  • Economic and Human Resources Review
  • Art, identity, culture, and character of the nation
  • Art, community life, and environment
  • Art and creative economic development

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Institutional Links call run in a year?

Newton Institutional Links is an annual call which opens every April or June every year, please visit our website to get the most updated information about the call and other opportunities.

What is the eligibility of principal investigator?

For eligibility of the UK PI, Please see Newton Fund guidelines in point 5 for individual and institutional eligibility. 

  1. A not for profit higher education institution with the capacity to undertake high quality research, unless specified otherwise in Appendix 1
  2. A UK higher education institution (all UK higher education institutions are eligible)
  3. A not for profit research organisation with the capacity to undertake high quality research . A  Catapult Centre  (in the case of the UK Principal Applicant)

For eligibility of Indonesia PI, please refer to Panduan Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat edisi XIIPlease note that only Principal Investigators work for Indonesia universities are eligible for this opportunity. 

Do I need a partner from UK institution to apply to Newton Fund?

Yes, Newton Fund require 1 Principal Investigator from UK and 1 Principal Investigator from Indonesia to submit 1 joint application

If I don’t have a UK partner, is there support provided by Newton Fund?

Support to find UK partner is available in the ‘How to Apply’ section in this link. This support is intended to facilitate those who don’t have a UK partner. If you have an existing partnership with any eligible UK universities or research centres, please proceed to develop and submit the application.

Would a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between 2 institutions (UK-Indonesia) be needed?

Upon submitting the application, we require the applicant to submit a document that expresses 2 parties’ agreement to do research collaboration. This can be in the format of Letter of Intent or MoU should there be any.

If I already received a grant from an institution outside UK for my research, am i still eligible to get an additional grant from Newton Fund Institutional Links? 

Yes, you are still eligible. We encourage multilateral partnership although in Newton Fund case, we require 2 main Principal Applicants: UK and Indonesia

Can applicant submit multiple applications for funding with different partners?

No. Principal Applicants may only submit one Institutional Links application per Institutional Links call. However, Individual departments within a single institution can make multiple applications per call provided that the proposed activities are clearly different

How does the application submission system work for NF Institutional Links-KLN?

The application will go through 1 door only.  All applicants have to complete and submit their applications through British Council Newton Fund portal. You don’t need to apply to SIMLITABNAS nor any Ristekdikti channel for this call.

Who submits the online application?

UK Principal Investigator

Where can I find information regarding the Newton Institutional Links Call?

All information is available in Newton Institutional Links guidelines. However, if you still need further information, please address your question to