Rabu 21 June 2017 - 12:00 to Rabu 05 July 2017 - 23:59

Newton-Ristekdikti Doctoral Scholarship Programme in Maritime and Marine Science 2017

Opportunity for PhD Student Recruitment for UK Universities

UK-Indonesia Science & Technology Fund is now opening opportunity for UK Universities to recruit potential doctoral programme scholars.  UK- Indonesia Science & Technology Fund launched its first doctoral scholarship programme, Newton-Ristekdikti Doctoral Scholarship Programme in Maritime and Marine Science 2017. Newton Fund is officially in partnership with Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia under the UK-Indonesia Science & Technology Fund which was launched on 23 March 2016. 

We are now inviting UK Universities to be UK S&T Fund’s partner in recruiting potential scholars. All partner will be listed in List of UK-Indonesia S&T Fund’s partner UK Universities.

We have produced the List of UK-Indonesia S&T Fund’s partner UK Universities which featured in British Council Indonesia webpage alongside the scholarship guidelines ( ). Please note that we don’t limit applicant to go to these listed universities – but merely to inform applicants that partner universities commit to provide quicker student recruitment processes including finding supervisors.

British Council commit to inclusivity where we welcome as many as UK Universities to be included in the list. Please note that we keep the list organic until 5 of July 2017. 

What Study Programme will be supported for this scholarship scheme?

All study programmes with themes on maritime and marine. (E.g. marine law, maritime sociology, shipbuilding, aquaculture, renewable energy, logistic, coastal communities, disaster management, etc)

What do UK-Indonesia S&T Fund expect from UK Universities?

Expedite admission process for potential scholars. Contribution should include: 1)Letter of Acceptance, 2)Research Supervisors for Indonesian scholars  

All potential scholars must submit their scholarship application no later than 6 August 2017

Benefits for UK Universities

  • Income  through student recruitment
  • University profile raising
  • Leveraging relationships with Indonesian national government

What UK-Indonesia will cover for the successful scholars?

This scheme provides full scholarship.

How many scholars will be funded and when they are expected to start the study?

Our target is to send 5 – 8 scholars to depart to the UK between October 2017-March 2018

How can my university be registered in the list?

Please send these data to with the Subject [PhD Programme Indonesia – Request to be on the List of UK Universities partner]

  • University profiles 
  • Programme Study specifically in marine and maritime science
  • Information on general cost for PhD students (incl. tuition fee and bench fee)
  • Details of Professors recruiting doctoral programme students, with email 

Why the timeline is very tight for UK Universities to participate this scheme?

We apologize for this short timeframe – this was the best we could do since confirmation from funding agency came in very short timeline 

What’s Next?

You will see your university in the list which will be updated by 5 of July 2017 in our website. We will be also circulating this list when BC and Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education promote this scholarship opportunity. Potential students with suitable profiles with your university will contact the focal point directly.  

LoA will be then used by the potential scholars when applying the scholarship. UK University which applied by successful scholars will be contacted by the British Council for further arrangement. If you haven’t heard from British Council until the end of 2017, please consider that the potential scholars are unsuccessful obtaining the scholarship.

Listed UK Universities

Please find it in the 'Documents' section below

Further Queries

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