My name is Metha Trisnawati. I currently run Sayurbox, a farm-to-table start-up company based in Jakarta. Prior to Sayurbox, I had stints in multinational companies like IBM and Unilever Indonesia. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and last year I completed my Master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from University College London (UCL).

I completed my Master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from University College London (UCL) in September 2016. It’s a one-year programme has the exact focus on technology and innovation management for building high-impact businesses. I found it interesting because I believe the programme was a good fit for my industry acumen and for supplementing my background to achieve my goals. I believe that developing entrepreneurial skills is essential and would be beneficial in many aspects of life beyond business and job market.

The reason I decided to pursue my education in the UK is because I wanted to study in a place where I can also get valuable exposure and global experience so that I can develop better rounded skills. After learning about studying in the UK, I immediately felt that it was the perfect fit for me.

I chose to study in my university because UCL’s reputation as London’s global university offers an excellent opportunity for me to study in an international environment and collaborate with diverse group of students from all around the world. Besides, the highly regarded reputation of UCL as one of the world’s leading education and research universities provides valuable experience to study.

For me, studying in the UK was a great mix of having both British experience and global exposure. I came here and got to learn about the unique British culture and tradition and I left with having friends from different parts of the world. Additionally, London is a truly vibrant city full of opportunities and discoveries, so I apart from studying, there was always a new thing to experience in London.

What I like most about my university is UCL facilitates the ‘learning by doing’ approach for the students by providing many necessary supports and accesses, such as through UCL Innovation & Enterprise to support its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I feel that my experience studying in the UK has enhanced other aspects of my life. Having learned and collaborated with other students from many different cultures has taught me about different perspectives in solving problems and challenges.

My advice to fellow Indonesian students who are just starting to think about educational opportunities in the UK would be, try to explore the fields of study that you are interested in, not only in terms of the research or programme contents, but also the prospects of personal development. I found talking to alumni and current students was really useful and gave me valuable insights about what the program offers and how it relates with my goals. And while in the UK, make the most out of it because there’s just so much to discover and experience!