Alumni of the Month - Sonia Probowo

British Council

My name is Sonia Probowo, and I graduated from University of Warwick in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a Chevening Scholarship, and am currently working as a Marketing Graphic Designer at PT. Maxx Coffee Prima.

Studying in the UK was certainly the most enjoyable experience for me. I have always learnt something new whenever I was in classes, travelling or joining the various activities from my university and Chevening Scholarships. One of the best moments that I have experienced was joining the HOST UK program. This program allowed me to meet a lovely British host who were kindly welcoming me during the weekend. I discovered many interesting facts about UK especially in cultures, heritages, food, language and (gloomy) weather as well!

A UK master degree helps me to become a better individual academically and professionally. I got my undergraduate degree as a graphic designer and I decided to take a further education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Since I had chances to learn something new, I could implement a wider perspective in analyzing particular issues. As a result, it helps me to work with different people from various backgrounds as well.

Since I was little, I have been dreaming to study in the UK. It has always been so magical every time I hear about England. For this case, I have to put the blame on Harry Potter, Peter Pan and many English childhood stories that shape my dream eventually. After I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I did my research in UK education fairs from British Council every single year. The struggle is real since I was committed to get a scholarship if I want to take a master’s degree in the UK.

Later on, I was very fortunate for being able to study in University of Warwick in Msc Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the Chevening Scholarship. It was an incredible experience itself to be a part of Chevening Scholars and yet I had the privilege to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. What I love from the UK Education is the friendly environment between the lectures and students. We can have open discussions and it also encouraged me to read more journals, books and current trends from all over the world. 

As an international student, I also had many interesting experiences when I was studying in the UK. I have got the chances to meet with a lot of people as well. Introducing our traditional food from home was a common thing to do. We spent our nights by inviting our friends and had a warm dinner after finishing our assignments. Those times were the best! 

UK has many great things to offer. I remembered that I always spend my days visiting museums, art exhibitions, theatres and music concerts (Adele and Ed Sheeran checked!). Also, travelling was not a difficult thing to do, especially when you got special student discounts for trains and buses. 

To put in other words, I am very glad for being able to study in the UK as a Chevening Scholar. I sincerely thank Chevening Scholarship for giving me this remarkable opportunity. For those who are struggling for your goals, all I can say is "Have faith and believe in your dreams!".