Dyah Pritadrajati Alumni of the Month January 2018

British Council

My name is Dyah Pritadrajati, and I am currently studying at the University of Cambridge with a scholarship from Jardine Foundation after completing my master’s programme at the University of Oxford.

What I like the most during my time in the UK is the vast opportunity to meet people from many countries and backgrounds. For example, in terms of academics, the classroom discussions were very fruitful because classmates are mostly coming from many different parts of the world and they brought different perspectives which enrich the debates. Aside from that, I also enjoyed exploring cities and towns in the UK, especially with their incredible national treasures and historical sites which are perfect for great days out with friends.

University of Oxford’s powerful pedagogical resources, vibrant intellectual atmosphere, and comprehensive curriculum have provided me with a stimulating environment for my academic and professional development. Particularly, the experience to perform cutting-edge economic research with the guidance of world-leading experts has prepared me for the challenges of the future and kept me abreast of the latest developments in economics.

The opportunity to be able to study at one of the best universities in the world was such an unforgettable experience for me. In Oxford, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with many people who have made a lot of contributions in their fields, such as Nobel laureates, world-class leading experts, and of course the university’s lecturers and researchers. Aside from that, I also got to experience the typical Oxford “college life” although most of academic and teaching activities for post graduates are conducted in the departments. I was sorted as one of the members of Trinity College, where I live, study, eat, and socialize. Every year, Trinity College admits around 50 graduate students studying wide range of subjects. It is believed that a lot about students’ experience will be determined by their colleges because most students will make friends in their college, go to its social events, play on its sport teams, live in its accommodation and work in its library.

Similarly, as in Harry Potter movies, there is also tradition of rivalry between the different colleges, which are known for having their own distinct character. Moreover, Oxford is famous for its formal halls at which meal held at the college dining hall and students have to dress in formal attire and gowns to dine. Oxford is also famous for its high academic pressures, in order to overcome this and have a more balanced life, I usually go to the formal hall with friends where I can share stories and socialize.

After I graduated from the MSc in Economics for Development at the University of Oxford I decided to continue my study at the MPhil in Economics at the University of Cambridge. My previous degree at Oxford emphasizes on the application of economic theory and development. In order to have a thorough understanding of economic theory and to provide further preparation and strong foundation for a PhD, I decided to continue my study at Cambridge. I am convinced that a good understanding of both theory and application can enhance my involvement in economic research and policy analysis. I also am very grateful that both of my studies in the UK are funded by scholarships.