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The aim of the competition is to identify and support potential entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas to help develop their communities and communities that have brilliant ideas to create and manage their own enterprises. Community enterprises identified through the competition’s selection process will receive capacity building and networking opportunities, along with a chance to win seed funding to support the establishment and growth of their social enterprise.

About the Community Journalism Competition

The Community Journalism Competition (CJC) is a parallel programme designed to support social entrepreneurship by raising public awareness on their initiatives and impact. This programme was launched in 2012, together with Community Entrepreneurs Challenge (CEC) Wave III.

CJC produced short documentaries of communities’ entrepreneurial activities and the inspiring stories behind their products.

These documentaries were screened at Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place, Jakarta. Following the success of the competition’s first year, in 2013, CJC will be held in collaboration with universities.


Working with groups of young aspiring film-makers, CJC produced eye opening short film documentaries that showcased the inspiring impact of social entrepreneurship. CJC participants also had a chance to learn from mentors and judges that consist of the big names in Indonesia’s film industry.

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