Creative Cities Research programme is a joint research focusing on how to develop the creative potential of a city/urban community © British Council Indonesia

Since 2007, the concepts of “Creative Economy”, “Creative Industries” and “Creative Cities” have become the popular buzzwords in Indonesia. Adopting the concepts introduced by the UK Government, the Indonesian government through the then Ministry of Trade created the blueprint for creative economy, focusing on developing the creative industries and creative cities. After eight years, Indonesian creative industries are developing rapidly, with many creative communities thriving based on their own entrepreneurial skills and efforts. 

Inspired by the success of the creative sectors in Bandung, this programme is a joint research focusing on how to develop the creative potential of a city/urban community. The research will kick-start in Surabaya and Makassar, with a long-term aim to deliver research in other cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Solo.  Findings from the research will be shared publicly and can be used as evidence-informed policy recommendations and action programmes for the government. At the same time, sharing amongst cities has enabled them to form a Creative Cities Network within Indonesia.  

The creative cities research is a programme led by British Council, in partnership with local community organisations C2o Library and Collabtive (Surabaya) and Tanahindie (Makassar), with knowledge partner Centre for Innovation and Policy Governance (CIPG) and UK expertise shared by Noema. 

Follow the updates of our research programme with the hashtag #KotaKreatif


About Centre for Innovation Policy Governance

Centre for Innovation Policy Governance (CIPG) is a research-based advisory group that aspires to excel in the area of science, technology, innovation and governance. Evolving from a study group of Indonesian scholars abroad since 2007, CIPG was officially established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010. The centre is considered to be among the first advisory groups in Indonesia with keen interest in building Indonesian research capacities in many sectors. CIPG’s excellence rests on the rigorousness of our research process, and on the relevance of our activities to the stakeholders and society established through close engagements. 

CIPG has intensive activities in Research, Consultancy-Advisory, and Capacity Building. The Centre covers not only Indonesia, but also a much wider context of South East Asia, and works on issues such as, but not limited to: Innovation management and policy;  Technology and Social Change; Science and Technology development strategy and policy;  Sustainable development; Knowledge management; Supply chain management; Corporate Governance; Civil Society Empowerment.

CIPG has three main activities, as follows: Research, Consultancy-Advisory and Capacity Building. 

About Noema

Noema is a UK based organisation working internationally to deliver place mapping and strategic cultural planning projects. Noema focuses on services such as wide-ranging expertise in mapping cultural resources and community assets; strategic assessment of local resources; visioning exercises for place making and place branding; cultural master planning for urban designers and architects; mentoring for Capital of Culture initiatives; creative thinking training for civic leaders and communities; high profile public speaking and cultural planning summer schools.


About C2o Library and Collabtive

Founded in mid 2008, C2o Library and Collabtive is an independent library and collaborative lab in Surabaya, Indonesia. 

About Tanahindie

Tanahindie is a non-profit organisation founded in 1999 that promotes programmes such as study and discussion, exhibitions and publishing with various expressive topics and development of cutting-edge urban communities. 

One of Tanahindie’s fixed activities is the Moon Goddess cinema cart, a monthly programme with the concept of ‘layar tancap’ or moonlight cinema. This is a collaborative agenda between Tanahindie and ruangrupa (Jakarta) since April 2011.

Tanahindie also has organised several exhibitions and collaborations related to arts and cultural discourse, such as True Color (exhibition of patchwork paintings and drawings in 2007), Yarn Bomb (2012, 2013), Stage in Frame (photography exhibition, 2014), and The Missing Pages Gazette (photography exhibition,2014).


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