Digital Design Weekend London Delegates

Andreas Siagian

Andreas Siagian

Artist, Lifepatch

Andreas Siagian is a cross-disciplinary artist with an engineering background focusing on creative communities, alternative education, DIY (Do it Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) culture and interdisciplinary collaboration in art, design, science and technology.

His collective, Lifepatch, is based in Yogyakarta and uses social design methods to encourage experimental thinking and practice amongst the community.

Irma Chantily

Curator, Water Connections

Irma has recently embarked into new territory; the exciting overlapping area between arts and technology. She was the co-curator for  Jakarta Biennale 2015: Neither Forward Nor Back. She is currently a Senior Programme Manager responsible for building relationships in the arts and creative industries for British Council Indonesia, a freelance lecturer at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts’ Department of Photography, and curator of the Water Connections project in Liverpool. 

Jack Lowe

Artist, curious directive

Jack studied French with International Relations (University of Warwick), movement (Lecoq, Paris) and Theatre Directing (MFA Birkbeck, London) and is currently working towards an MSc Water Security and International Development (UEA). Since 2008, he has been artistic director of curious directive, a Norwich-based devising company exploring life through the lens of science. 

Miebi Sikoki working on 3D printing Machine

Miebi Sikoki Miebi Sikoki

Maker and Technologist, Digital Nativ

Miebi is a maker and technologist. A graduate in Visual Communication Design. His work centers around the adoption of technology as a medium, which through applied parameters, evolve inherent properties and behaviours, giving form to his ideas.

He founded Digital Nativ, a company of thinkers, builders, programmers, and dreamers with a tendency towards complexity, turning simple rule sets into deep user experiences, pushing the boundaries of future possibilities.

Tanti Sofyan

Artist, Labtek Indie

Tanti is the only female maker in the exhibition. She is currently working in Labtek Indie, a research, design and development company for technology related products through human-centered design approach. She is currently interested in an environmental issue and how technology can help raise the awareness or improve the quality of life. Tanti made a mobile installation which turns cigarette buds into music for her master degree programme in Barcelona.

Victorious Elvino Priyanto Sadipun a.k.a 'Ndaru'

Creative Technologist

Ndaru is a programmer, independent researcher, coder, and many other hats. He seeks challenging occupation where he can effectively contribute his skills also experienced in the technical and management field for the development of both the company and himself. 


Bombo | Reza Enem

Sound Artist, Bombo

Reza Enem, was born in Makassar, South Sulawesi in 1988. Reza has had played music with his indie progressive folk band Theory of Discoustic after completing his study at Universitas Fajar, Makassar in 2010. In 2012, he worked as a photojournalist and photo editor for Jakarta Biz Daily. Reza participated art residency at Mite-Ugro, Gwangju, South Korea (2015), The 5th  Anniversary of ART NOVA 100, Beijing (2015) and Jakarta Biennale (2015) as participating new emerging artist.

Rais Rice and Reza Enem

Visual Artist and Sound Artist, Bombo

Bombo is a collaborative project from Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Visual developer Rais Rice began his exploration in multimedia production by practicing photography and graphic design while studying information studies at Universitas Telkom, Bandung. Later, he expanded his skill to film, visual installation, and video mapping production.  

Sound artist Reza Enem played music with his indie progressive folk band Theory of Discoustic after completing his study at Universitas Fajar, Makassa and previously worked as a photojournalist for Jakarta Biz Daily.