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Yesnowave x No Bounds Festival is an exploration of Indonesian and UK culture through art and experimental music. 

Liam O'Shea (No Bounds Festival) and collaborator Woto Wibowo (Wok the Rock from Yesnowave) will collaborate to create online residencies between artists associated with No Bound Festival (UK) and Indonesia's Yesnowave label -- Nkisi (UK) and Gabber Modus Operandi (ID).

Through this collaboration, they will be exploring new music and exchanging cultural knowledges between the two countries. 

Liam O'Shea

Liam is a multi disciplinary artist who began life in rock bands in the 90's and is now a dj, producer, creative director of Sheffield warehouse venue 'Hope Works' plus festival director for South Yorkshire's award winning 'No Bounds Festival'-experimental music, art, technology. The last 10 years have seen him performing from Club Air Tokyo to Berghain/Panoramabar as an artist. In his capacity as a curator/director he is increasingly working on international projects which seek to make links with northern experimental artists and those from different cultures. A firm believer in community and creating opportunity for local talent. 

Wok The Rock

Wok The Rock is an artist active across the fields of contemporary art, design and music. He is a member of artist collective Ruang MES 56 in Yogyakarta, runs the music label Yes No Wave Music and initiated the Indonesian Netlabel Union. He was the curator of Biennale Jogja XIII in 2015 and currently co-curate Nusasonic -- a multi-year Europe-Southeast Asia experimental music festival.


Meshing hard techno and gabber beats with pan-African drum rhythms and pairing IDM electronics with juke house, Nkisi is a truly unique talent defying genre classification. We catch up with the London-based, Congolese-Belgian DJ, producer and activist to discuss her forthcoming album on Lee Gamble's UIQ, her collective, NON Worldwide, and the influence of African cosmology on her work...

Gabber Modus Operandi

Gabber Modus Operandi is an Indonesian project expanding the sound of gabber music with elements taken from both the local pop music genre of dangdut koplo and traditional jathilan trance rituals. Gabber Modus Operandi combines fenetic music with equally intense performance, with DJ Kasimyn keeping the tempo around 200 bpm and Ican Harem screaming and thrashing, part rapper, part grindcore vocalist. All with a healthy dose of dark humour.