Student of the Month, February 2018 - Stephanie Louissa

British Council

My name is Stephanie Louissa Amaris, and I am studying for a Master’s Degree in Management and Finance at Nottingham Trent University.

UK always enchants me since I was very young. I have always wanted to go to UK, but everyone always said that I can go there by myself when I am old enough. Now I still cannot believe that I am actually studying and living here in the UK! 

Apart from that, UK itself offers numerous benefits for international students since it is one of the top choices for international student destination. UK universities only need one year to finish the master programme and have various choices of courses to choose from. Because my course is finance, it is a fit choice as UK is one of the financial centres in the world.

I went to an education fair in Indonesia and I talked with several university representatives, including Nottingham Trent University. To be utterly honest, my father really supported me to go to NTU, so I talked with the representatives and I did my own research of the university. While NTU has lots of good facilities and located in the city centre, NTU also has a high employability which is a really good point for students. Moreover, NTU has the course that I really want to learn.

I enjoy my time with my friends the most. I took French and Japanese language classes and I joined Japanese Society as well, therefore I met with quite a lot of people. Every once or twice in a week, my friends and I always hang out and sometimes even travel together to another city. Travelling is another thing that I enjoy here.

UK degree is an investment for my future career. Specifically, in Indonesia, the fourth biggest population in the world, it is hard to find a proper job with only a bachelor’s degree. UK degree helps alleviate the difficulties. Also it increases my skills and knowledge, especially related to my chosen career path as well as English proficiency.

As I stepped out from my flight in Heathrow Airport, I felt a rush of excitement – excitement because this is UK, my favourite country, and I would be living here for the next one year. However, a rush of anxiety also swept through me because this was my first time I would be staying far away from my family. And I have to use English all the time here! Imagine my nervousness! Though, British accents are like music to my ears!

The first week of my time here was very memorable. I gained new friends from many different countries, did groceries shopping, learned how to cook, did my own laundry, explored Nottingham. All of those are new experiences for me; by living abroad, I learned how to be independent.

When the university study began, my nervousness came back again. I was fretting about the lecturers, my classmates and the learning style. But in fact, I did not need to worry about such things! Thank goodness for that. Even though the environment is totally new, it is not that difficult to adapt. NTU’s lecturers and staffs are really helpful and patient, my classmates are approachable and easy going, the learning style is more advanced but it is doable all the same!

As UK is one of the top destinations for international students, diversity is one of the fascinating experiences that changed my life. Understanding diversity is one thing, to experience it myself is quite another. I felt very astonished that many people are intrigued and eager to learn and to visit my country, Indonesia. I felt very proud that I am part of the country.

Speaking of Indonesia, the price differences are very staggering. Because everything has to be done by myself, so the differences are really apparent, especially when I hang out with my friends or even when I do grocery shopping. I tackled it with home cooking, either when I make it only for me or when I hang out with friends, so we decided to take turns cooking – and that could be a thing! 

It takes some time to get used to it, but overall, it is all good. My new life here is fantastic and I would not want it any other way!