When I decided to pursue a master’s degree, I knew right away that I want to study in the UK because of one particular program offered by the London School of Economics Gender department. Having a background in communications both from my bachelor degree and work experience, I intended to take on a program that employs a gender perspective in the filed of media and communication. LSE Gender, Media and Culture program is one of the few in the world that offers this particular interest of mine.

My main reason in choosing to study at the LSE Gender department is because of the excellent members of faculty, renowned research center, and the integrated multidisciplinary approaches it offers. My program (Gender, Media and Culture) is also administered by the LSE Media & Communication department – ranked within the top 5 Communication & Media studies in the world. Apart from the academic motivation, I chose LSE because of its diverse and vibrant environment which is located in the heart of London – one of the world’s greatest cities.    

The whole experience is just amazing. I particularly enjoyed my time in university, going to classes and seminars, having discussions with both fellow cohort and teachers with international and multidisciplinary expertise. I am passionate about gender issues and communications, so I really had fun during the whole study period. Another thing that I love the most is living in London itself. It is such a beautiful and vibrant city which makes it easy for me to destress from all the school work.

I think studying in the UK, particularly in LSE Gender department, has already opened doors for my future career options. With its global recognition, a graduate degree from LSE will help me increase my chances in achieving my goals. Not only that, I can also make use of the skills and experience from studying at LSE’s diverse environment to handle future projects both in national and international level.

I started my master’s degree in September 2017 as a Chevening scholar. I am humbled and grateful to be able to continue my study not only in my dream university but also with the support of the UK Government’s most distinguished scholarship. The entire experience has been nothing but remarkable, from getting to meet fellow students from all over the world, attending Chevening prestigious events, travelling around England and Europe, to becoming a true Londoner by taking the tube every day. One experience that was truly remarkable for me was to be invited to the Buckingham Palace as a Chevening Scholar to attend the ‘Women of the Future’ event with international delegates and get to meet the Countess of Wessex.

I make the most of my time while studying in London, especially to be involved in opportunities that matter the most to me. I participated in a number of Gender workshops and conferences in London as well as my first women’s march in Trafalgar Square which was truly exceptional. At the LSE, I was a subcommittee member – responsible for communications role – in the ‘Women Leaders of Tomorrow’ society which has given me a whole new experience in the UK student union environment. At the LSE Gender department, I served as a student representative responsible for facilitating program-related matters among fellow cohort, staff, and faculty members. I enjoyed my time working for both the student union and the department as I get to build relationships with so many amazing people at the LSE.