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For years, NGOs have relied on donors, corporate or individual philanthropists to generate operating funds. However, many of these sources of fund have dried up. In response to this trend, British Council Indonesia has started to develop this initiative to discuss intensively with many organisations how to transform into a social enterprise.

This programme is part of our "Skills for Social Enterpreneurs" programme and is supported by Social Enterprise Europe. The programme resulted in a workshop that was held in October 2013. The workshop focussed on: 

  • formation of suitable business structures for organisations
  • ownership structures and management systems
  • organisational capacity to empower communities through social entrepreneurship.

Being entrepreneurial is not only about funding. It involves operating organisations with a fresh mind set and a set of management tools that have powerful effect on how to survive our mission. Indeed, Non Profit is unique and each organisation has uniqueness and key strengths. Copying or transferring all business approaches and practices may not be very helpful, as NGOs and Social Enterprise mission is to create social value and impact rather that solely gain financial profit.

This programme and its workshop is not aimed at turning your NGO completely into a pure business, but rather to stimulate and help all of us to have a creative thinking of becoming a social enterprise, which usually take a form of hybrid of commercial and NGO method.

If you would like to learn more out transforming your NGO into a social enterprise please contact us.

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