Jo Verrent visited National Gallery of Indonesia
Jo Verrent visited Dedication Exhibition: Haryadi Suadi (1938 - 2016) at National Gallery of Indonesia in her spare time during her visit for Arts&Disability talks with communities, organisations, and representatives of disabled people in Indonesia.  ©

Azarine Kyla Arinta

Jo Verrent is a speaker, writer and activist who creates, produces and curates art. She’s currently a senior producer for the three-year UK Unlimited Commissions programme for disabled artists and companies. Following her visit to Singapore for Arts & Disability Forum, Jo visited Indonesia to have a discussion about arts and disability. During her visit to Indonesia, Jo visited several art spaces in Jakarta including Ruci Artspace, National Gallery of Indonesia, and Jakarta Arts Institute. This photo was taken during Jo's visit to National Gallery of Indonesia which at that time was currently showing a dedicated exhibition to Haryadi Suadi, an acclaimed graphic designer artist from Indonesia.