Fashion Utopias: the International Fashion Showcase 2016 is a series of specially commissioned and curated fashion installations featuring work by emerging designers from 24 countries. Created by the British Council and British Fashion Council , it is a key part of the London Fashion Week public programme which forms a city-wide celebration of fashion that is open to all.

Between 19 – 23 February 2016 the West Wing at Somerset House will be transformed into an imaginary terrain where an emerging generation of international designers and curators invite visitors to share their versions of the Utopia. The exhibition is part of Somerset House’s Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility.

Indonesia in the International Fashion Showcase 2016

Four Indonesian designers: Dian Pelangi in collaboration with Odette Steele and Nelly Stewart, ETU by Restu Anggraini, Jenahara and Zaskia Sungkar come together in this exhibition, representing the four elements of fire, water, air, light and the ever-elusive quintessence. ‘Modest Cosmopolist’ navigates the challenging frontier between a nostalgia for humans’ earthly ties and desire for a creative, cosmopolitan future. The exhibition forwards the view that in order to grow, we must return to our collective and cultural roots. The result is a nourishing and sustainable harmony of modesty and the avant-garde.  


Curation and exhibition design by: Carri Munden

Organised by:

The Designers

  • Dian Pelangi in Collaboration with Nelly Stewart and Odette Steele

Dian Pelangi is a prominent designer from Indonesia, well-known for her vibrant color palette (rainbow-inspired) and her sense of bold prints and fusion of traditional and western silhouettes. Dian Pelangi’s rainbow tie-dye is one of her signature that has become very popular. All products are lovingly hand made by talented artisans using age-old traditional techniques such as woven, batik, tie dye, beadwork and others. For this reason, each finished garment is a unique and precious piece of textile art that will dazzle the eyes when worn. | www,

  • Jenahara

Jenahara is a modern ready-to-wear Muslim brand from Indonesia. Named after its designer Nanida Jenahara Nasution, Jenahara offers wearable design from top-to-toe with focus on clean cuts, details and quality. Jenahara is one of the designers that is part of British Council’s fashion programme, Indonesia Fashion Forward, a business skills development programme for emerging Indonesian fashion designers that is delivered in partnership with Jakarta Fashion Week and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/current Indonesian Creative Economy Agency. |

  • ETU by Restu Anggraini

The Restu Anggraini is a Jakarta-based moslem fashion brand managed by PT Mitra Rira Indonesia. The brand is the brainchild of Restu Anggraini, the designer who graduated from Phalie Art Studio and ESMOD Jakarta on 2011.Restu Anggraini is well-known for her contemporary, modern and edgy designs and the character of her beautifully-crafted design strengthen mostly by primary colors. Restu's vision for his label is to create clothes that are both feminine and edgy, with a modern touch and highly perfected detail. |

  • Zaskia Sungkar

Zaskia Sungkar just started her fashion career from 2014, although her entertainment career in music and movie industry has started from younger age. She is an ambassador of Wardah beauty; the prominent halal cosmetics from Indonesia. She had her collection showed at London Oxford Fashion Studio in 2015. She commits to shows the heritage of Indonesia culture through her design.