Yanuar Nugroho serves the Indonesian Government as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis and Oversight of Priority Programmes at the Executive Office of the President.  His current portfolio includes making sure that the President’s priorities are translated into development plans that benefit people across the country.  He is also mandated to oversee Indonesia’s engagement and performance in global agenda items, and was Indonesia’s lead negotiator for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals or Agenda 2030.

Yanuar completed his PhD. from the University of Manchester in 2007, and had a highly successful academic career before he was called to serve his country as Advisor to the Head of President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP4) in 2012. 

Yanuar believes that studying in the UK has significantly expanded not only his intellectual horizon, but also his social and political networks. Yanuar was awarded the prestigious Hallsworth Fellowship from the University of Manchester, and is a recipient of the Overseas Scholarship Scheme and Chevening Award.