Ahmad Fuadi is an award-winning author.  Among his best-selling novels is ‘Negeri 5 Menara’, which looks back to Ahmad’s years at an Islamic boarding school and encourages Indonesian youth to pursue their dreams. Roughly 400,000 copies have now been printed in Indonesia and Malaysia, and it has been translated into English. The novel now features in schools’ curriculums and national exams. It has also been adapted into a film.

Ahmad believes that books are also tools to start a social movement. Together with his readers, he has founded Komunitas Menara, a non-profit that provides access to education and books to underprivileged communities. 

A Chevening scholar, Ahmad graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, in Documentary Film. 

His education in the UK provided him with skills in telling stories through various mediums. Ahmad says that his master’s degree at Royal Holloway improved his storytelling skills and has helped the success of his novels and films.