Friday 02 November 2018 to Sunday 04 November 2018

Coming Together

Kimokal (Double Deer Records - ID) x Chris Massey (Sprechen Music - UK)

This collaboration enables UK and Indonesian musicians to exchange ideas, experiment with processes, create, collaborate, perform, and share artistic experiences. It all ends up in a series of live performances, in Manchester and Liverpool in September 2018, and Jakarta at The Other Festival.

Hannah Silva (UK) x Paviliun Puisi (ID)

After spending time together in a spoken word exchange at Double Deer HQ, Hannah Silva together with lyrical performers from Paviliun Puisi showcase a collaborative experience which fuses spoken word enhanced through technology.

100 Masters of Semarang

Hysteria Collective (ID) x Creative Black Country (UK)

100 Masters profiles the experts and artisans of today, to inspire the pioneers of tomorrow. It started in the Black Country, UK, and this year embraced a new community - in Semarang. 

2 Tak

WAFT Lab (ID) x Robbie Thomson (UK)

A two-stroke engine is hacked with electronica and sound to create a memorable installation - the spirit of DIY culture brought to life by creative engineers from Surabaya and Glasgow.

The Hive

Ikbal Lubys x Tony Maryana (ID) x Laurie Crombie (UK) x Abandon Normal Devices (UK)

The Hive is a bespoke, sculptural musical instrument with vibrationg chimes for visitors to interact with. Resembling a suspended organic hive structure, the instrument is made from parts of Gamelan bars - originally created for a festival in a cave in the UK, it's been revamped to come to Indonesia for the firs time. 


In partnership with Double Deer and Tokopedia 

Free - no registration required




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