By Shakia Stewart, Digital Content Manager

22 February 2017 - 10:14

Shoes at a fashion show.
The presentation highlighted the traditional craftmanship of the woman weavers, combined with contemporary design.

As an ambassador of sustainable fashion, Indonesian fashion designer Amanda Indah Lestari showcased her collection, Lekat, in the UK this week as part of London Fashion Week. 

Amanda seeks not only to craft clothes eco-ethically, but to also effectively connect the culture of Indonesia with international communities.

Fashion models.
The models walked through the audience, enabling everyone to see the collection up close and see every detail. 
Fashion model.
Film footage of the woman weavers in Indonesia was interspersed with models wearing Lekat on stage.
Fashion model.
Amanda aims to introduce surprises in shapes and materials.
Fashion designers Billie Jacobina and Amanda I. Lestari
Amanda (right) collaborated with UK fashion designer Billie Jacobina as part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Both designers share similar admiration for craftmanship and cultural heritage.