By Azarine Arinta, Programme Officer, UK/Indonesia 2016-18

16 February 2017 - 13:42

Winner of the British Council Residency Award, young UK designer Billie Jacobina, alongside Creative Director of Lekat, Amanda Lestari after they showcased their collaborative work during Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Billie spent three months in Indonesia with Lekat and explored the traditional handwoven textile of Indonesia from Baduy tribe.  ©

GoGirl Magazine

Following Fashion Futures residency held during UK/Indonesia Festival 2016, Indonesia will make its’ mark once again in the international fashion scene with Indonesia Fashion Forward 4th Gen Alumni, Amanda Indah Lestari from Lekat, who will partake in London Fashion Week 2017 events: International Fashion Showcase 2017 Next in Line and Fashion Scout. Amanda has just one mission for her thriving, Jakarta-based label Lekat: to produce thought-provoking, sustainable fashion and to raise awareness about Indonesia’s rich textile tradition particularly traditional textiles woven by women of the Baduy community – a protected indigenous group living in western Banten province, Indonesia. 

With a theme Moments: Reserved, Amanda will bring 24 collections with 12 collections coming from her collaborative work with young UK designer, Billie Jacobina. Amanda and Billie met last year, as a part of the Fashion Futures residency programme in UK/Indonesia 2016 Festival. Billie spent three months in Indonesia, with a visit to Baduy as well, and they showcased their remarkable collaboration on the runways of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. The collaborative collection of Lekat and Billie Jacobina celebrates the beauty of differences and tolerance. They are inspired by a well-known Indonesian Folklore: Putri Mandalika and Nyi Roro Kidul which then beautifully translated to an edgy design and pattern, suited to UK’s audiences. 

The collaborative collection between Billie Jacobina and Lekat is translated through Lekat's edgy design and Billie's bold prints.  ©

Timur Angin

From Baduy to London Fashion Runway

Baduy traditional hand-woven textile is not as prominently known by the international fashion scene as batik or other Indonesian textiles. Nevertheless, Amanda caught the beauty of it and was captured by its’ unique fabric motif. Baduy’s weave has a distinctive characteristic, square and line-shaped geometric pattern. The unfinished edge of its’ weave also gives out an exotic accent. Through Lekat, Amanda tried to capture the essence of Baduy’s values that are represented in their textile. She mentioned that even in Indonesia, not many people know that Baduy has a unique heritage in a form of this textile. 

Amanda carried with her the spirit of Fashion Futures, one of UK/Indonesia 2016-18 main theme which aspires to value creativity, commerce, people, and the environment in equal measure within the fashion industry. Lekat is not only about fashion but also about preserving the heritage of Indonesia’s fashion tradition as much as empowering the community in Baduy. 

Fashion Documentary in the Making

Coming along with Lekat's team are Indonesia's renowned film director, Nia Dinata from Kalyana Shira production house, and the team from Visionare, curated fashion video portal, founded by Aida Nurmala. The documentary film won't only showcase the glamour and glitz of fashion world but also spontaneous moments and the journey of Lekat from Baduy to London. The documentary is scheduled to be publish one month after the London Fashion Week and will be distributed through Visionare.