Congratulation to all Future Leaders Connect 2017 winners! 

Four of nine finalists are going to the UK to represent Indonesia in the Future Leaders Connect in the UK.

These are their profiles (from left to right):

Ayu Kartika Dewi

Ayu dreams to see a more peaceful world. Her three keywords are empathy, tolerance, and solidarity. Ayu holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, with Fulbright Scholarship and Keller Scholarship. Upon graduation, she spent five years in Procter & Gamble, became a primary school teacher on a remote island (Indonesia Mengajar), worked at President’s Delivery Unit (UKP4), a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and held a position as Head of Urban Planning in Governor of Jakarta's office. In 2012, Ayu co-founded SabangMerauke. It is a non-for-profit organisation runs intra-nation student exchange programme and select junior high school students to live with host families who are of different ethnicity and/or religion, when these students return home; they act as peace ambassadors in their circle. Thanks to her work, Ayu was selected as one of Wardah’s 10 Inspirational Women in Education in 2017. SabangMerauke, also has won several awards and frequently appeared in national and international media.

Ayu now is Managing Director of Indika Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation focuses on diversity and nationalism issues. Ayu resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. In her spare time, she enjoys being an avid scuba diver, travelling, reading, playing the violin, piano, and guitar. Recently, she picked up Krav Maga, yoga, and improv.

Dina Novita Sari

Dina graduated with a Master's Degree in Corruption and Governance from University of Sussex and currently lives in Jakarta and works for Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in Indonesia as a Programme Coordinator. She is responsible for managing two projects, namely Parliamentary Strengthening and Human Rights Projects. Previously, she worked for various organisations ranging from law-firms, multinational company and NGO.

Dina's global vision for change is to see a more accessible and better quality education for young generation wherever they live. The right to access education is a right for every child in the world regardless of nationality, sex, ethnic origin, or any other status. Yet, not all children in developed or developing countries can enjoy their right to education, including in Indonesia. To achieve this vision, Dina has started an initiative called “iBeasiswa” with a vision to support young generation to get education scholarships. She worked together with her team to develop the system, design the curriculum, develop the recruitment process of mentees and mentors and also develop their online platform to reach more beneficiaries. By February 2017, they have mentored more than 20 young people intensively to start their journeys to get education scholarships.

Felippa Ann Amanta

Motivated by her passion to drive social change, especially for women, Felippa pursued a career in policy and activism. During her college years in UC Berkeley’s Department of Sociology, she interned for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Washington D.C., and for the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO in Jakarta. Shortly after graduating with a B.A. with high distinction in 2015, Felippa continued that passion in the policy research centre, Centre for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE).

In 2017, she brought her international experience back home to Indonesia to further participate in the improvement and empowerment of Indonesian women and youth, through working full-time as a Programme Associate at Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia (WYDII) in Surabaya, Indonesia. In her current work, Felippa has successfully planned and managed training for hundreds of women across Indonesia, including legislative candidates and activists, to increase their political participation and leadership capacity. Her vision for change is to see the realization of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, especially on Gender Equality, through the power of the people and the community.

Gandrie Ramadhan Apriandito

Gandrie is a transport planner with a broad practical experience in transport planning and bus rapid transit development. He holds a degree in civil engineering and transport planning from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and University of Leeds respectively.

Gandrie is currently working for ITDP Indonesia as a transport associate and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He works closely with Transjakarta to provide technical assistance in BRT planning and improvement for route analysis, station design and pedestrian accessibility. The assistance for Transjakarta direct service routes has contributed to more than 30% increase in daily ridership in 2016. His role now also focuses on non-motorised transport to bring about continuous and safe networks of sidewalks and bike lanes, and collaborate with authorities to get the design supervised and implemented.

Gandrie strongly believes cities are built for people and therefore, every development should put people at the centre of it. This perspective leads to a global vision of a compact, walkable and mixed-use development with decent public transport services. Therefore, he continuously urges cities to strive for accurate long-term planning and goals to achieve efficient mobility.