Rafli, the band leader, was awarded with the title of Aceh Peace Ambassador: his personal loss when the 2004 tsunami hit his homeland did not prevent him to continue his musical endeavours as he put up concerts in victim camps to instil hopes and spirits for the affected people of Aceh. As an ambassador, in 2008 Rafli and Kande presented a music concert to commemorate the peace agreement between Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (Aceh Independence Organization) and Republic of Indonesia throughout Aceh, from Lhokseumawe, Bireun, Takengon, Meulaboh, to Banda Aceh through the supports of International Organization for Migration, Japan Foundation, USAID, and the European Union.

Alongside their strict schedule, members of Kande have the obligation to teach music in workshops and private classes for Acehnese young people, with a simple aim to hand down the spirit of music and playing traditional as well as modern instruments to the young generation in Aceh.

About the show

“Aceh Meukondroe”

Recorded and launched in 2006, Meukondroe is Kande’s second release, which combines Acehnese traditional Islamic percussion and western music instrument like guitar and bass.

Sung in traditional Acehnese language, Meukondroe roughly translated as "If Not Us". It is an account of Aceh land at the time of turmoil in the past years—from the tsunami tragedy in 2004 to civic conflicts with separatist independence movement. Kande’s music is strong, moving and enchanting with rich vocal texture, it is a combination of Acehnese traditional Islamic percussion and western music instrument.

The distinctive combinations of Acehnese Islamic traditional instruments, that is rapa’i (a percussion made from jackfruit wood and goat skin) with modern-styled acoustic and electric guitars and bass, have brought universally themed music and style derived from 16th century Sufism preaching that express messages of peace, religion, and environment.