From left to right: Rahabi Mandra (Scriptwriter), Darius Sinathrya (Producer), Emil Heradi (Director) of Night Bus film during Film London Microschool in 2015. 

Two years ago in February 2015, British Council held a feature film development programme in collaboration with Film London: Film London Microschool. Microschool is a programme designed by Film London for filmmakers who are taking their first features into production. One of the teams who was selected for the programme was a team of three which consist of scriptwriter Rahabi Mandra, producer Darius Sinathrya, and director Emil Heradi. They were in the process of producing their first feature film, a thriller-drama titled Night Bus, based on a true story by an Acehnese Indonesian actor, Teuku Rifnu Wikana. 

Two years passed and now these Film London Microschool alumni are set to launch their debut feature film in Indonesia's big cinema this April. To Kumparan, Darius mentioned that he first joined the production only to help his friend but then they decided to join Film London Microschool and Darius was registered as the director. 

"When we wanted to apply, we have to put three names as the producer, scriptwriter, and director. I was chosen as the producer. After we participated in the workshop, there is so many knowledge we've gained from the mentors, the mentors were all from the UK and have been in the film industry for many years and know how to make a film. So from then, I started as the producer." – Darius Sinathrya to Kumparan, 'Night Bus' Debut Pertama Darius Sinathrya sebagai Produser'.


The Night Bus film team received mentorship by film experts from the UK during Film London Microschool

About the Night Bus Team

Director: Emil Heradi

Directed made-for-TV films and commercial. Directed 1st feature Sagarmatha and notable short films including Rumah Perkara (part of omnibus feature which won Best Omnibus Award and Piala Maya 2012), Fronteria (Singapore International Film Festival), Juni Waktu Itu (FFI 2006 Nomination), and Srengenge (Best short film in Festival Buruh Anak 2006). Assistant director for Habibie Ainun, Merah Putih trilogy, and Eat Pray Love (2nd Unit).

Producer: Darius Sinathrya

CEO of the production house, Go MAX Production, and played in more than 10 featured and independent movies since 2006. 

Scriptwriter: Rahabi Mandra

Wrote and directed 1st feature 2014 (post-production), wrote made-for-TV films and work as an assistant professor at Jakarta Institute of Arts. 

Night Bus Synopsis

Night Bus tells a story of 10 people from various backgrounds who share the only night bus that gets them to the next town in a politically unstable region of fictional Sampar Region. Encountering militias, guerilla freedom fighters, and modern-day pirates during the 12 hours bus ride, these passengers have to survive the night together as they learn about the ugly truth of one another. 

Night Bus will be launch in cinema across Indonesia on 6 April 2017. See their first official trailer here.

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