Indonesia Distanced Stories from September to November 2020. British Council Indonesia's first inclusive, fully digital, socially distanced, documentary film workshop.

The British Council, Scottish Documentary Institute, and In-Docs are pleased to collaborate to present Indonesia Distanced Stories, an inclusive, fully online documentary filmmaking workshop for emerging Indonesian filmmakers – empowering them to use their creative talents in realising their story ideas into short documentary films during the duration of three months.

As we are facing a global COVID-19 pandemic, this programme – originally named Jakarta STORIES, was adapted from its 10-day intensive face-to-face model into a fully online model to give the participants more opportunities and flexibility in producing their films, while being physically distanced.

Over the period of 3 months from September until November 2020, the participants gather online to learn, finish a set of assignments, watch various film recommendations, prepare their story ideas, pitch, and get assigned into small teams to produce their films – all under the guidance of 2 mentors from Scottish Documentary Institute along with 2 Indonesian mentors.

The selected participants are coming from a diverse background, culturally and geographically. They will be assigned into small teams and are expected to work collaboratively, inclusively as well as social-responsibly during this physical distancing time.

The aim of this programme is not only to develop the skill of the filmmakers, but to also explore ways of creative collaboration, challenging the limitations that exist during this physical-distancing times, and to support the growth a more inclusive filmmaking practice in Indonesia.


The Selected Participants

  • Anita Reza Zain
  • Ary Aristo
  • Fadilah Miftah
  • Fajrian
  • Fransiscus Sales Magasto
  • Helga Theresia
  • Lies Nanci Supangkat
  • Mochamad Ryo Arbani
  • Mochamad Sulaeman
  • Mohamad Ismail
  • Mulya Rhukmana
  • Rofie Nur Fauzie

The Mentors

Noé Mendelle

Noe has worked in film & TV for over thirty years as a Director and a Producer. She set up Scottish Documentary Institute in 2004 and since then has devised several award-winning talent initiatives, including Bridging the Gap, BtG+, This is Scotland, Stories and The Edinburgh Pitch. She is a research professor at Edinburgh College of Art where she supervises PhD by practice in Documentary Film.

Anne Milne 

Anne Milne is an award-winning Scottish filmmaker. Her film Maria’s Way was nominated for the European Film Award 2010, and won a BAFTA New Talent award as well as playing at numerous international film festivals, and picking up more awards. After being awarded a WorldView Multi Media Grant, she travelled to Nepal to shoot Himalayan Sisters which later won an editing award at the 2011 Underwire Festival.

Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni

Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni is a self-taught documentary filmmaker, alumnus of IDFA Summer School 2012, Berlinale Talents 2014, Talents Tokyo 2015 and Asia Docs workshop 2015. Her first feature length documentary film “Denok & Gareng” selected to IDFA first appearance competition 2012. Her second feature documentary, “Ona between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” was released in early 2020.

Ernest Hariyanto

Ernest Hariyanto produced, written and edited Jalanan (Streetside, 2013), a feature-length Indonesian documentary that won the Best Documentary award in the prestigious Busan International Film Festival 2013 in Korea and Best Documentary at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2014 in Australia.


The Films


A film by Helga Theresia and Fajrian
Karsih finds herself at the end of her life having to work as a street cleaner in order to support her extended family. To add insult to injury, her cleaning job is across the street from where she and her neighbours were dispossessed of their homes and land. But humour and love never leave her.


Green Fingers

A film by Anita Reza Zain
Ibu Wasidah wanted more than just being a mum, so she joined the Women Farmers group in her village and together they create a sustainable way of life. They get help from Anang, a photographer from Jakarta who uses his work to promote the products produced by the women and connect city and village through food and art.


Scene from the Unseen

A film by Ary Aristo
Ferdiandra Putra is a talented art student whose internal world is busy with creative possibilities. He may struggle sleeping, but his daydreaming leads him into creating mythical characters and objects. Over the years, with the love of his parents, he learnt to find coping mechanisms to deal with his Asperger’s. Now, he is busy preparing his first solo art exhibition.


Falhan's Love

A film by Mohammad Ismail and Fransiscus Magastowo
Untung and Nesti love their 6 year old unconditionally despite his severe autism. Their daily family life is a challenge when both parents are disabled yet the love and encouragement flowing from them is a life affirming story.


Baby Girl

A film by Rofie Nur Fauzie and Mohamad Sulaeman
Cunenk grew up as a girl trapped in a boy’s body. She could not wait to leave her village and become a trans performer. She is very happy and respected within her new community but, once in a while, she steps back in her male clothes in order to fundraise for the local maternity hospital in memory of her mother.


Ibu Guru

A film by Lies Nanci Supangkat and Mochamad Ryo Arbani
All mothers around the globe experience the pandemic with the same anxiety: juggling working from home with home schooling and family demands. Silvia Novani in Bandung is no different. She teaches all day online, only to return home to look after her children, husband and parents and, despite all those sacrifices, it is her male colleagues who get the promotions. 

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