Friday 22 November 2019 to Thursday 28 November 2019

A festival of inspiration, education and arts to celebrate the science and the diversity of the Wallacea Region and Indonesia

The Story of Wallace and Wallacea

A young man named Alfred Russel Wallace left his hometown in Wales to sail to the faraway lands in the mid-19th century. During 1854-1862 Wallace explored the archipelago, particularly the eastern part of today’s Indonesia, documenting the diverse fauna, flora and culture in the islands of Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and Maluku - a transitional area now known as the Wallacea Region. On his expedition, Wallace was assisted a lot by local residents, one of whom was Ali, a young man from Sarawak Borneo who acted as his assistant. Accounts of his studies and adventures in the archipelago were published in a book, The Malay Archipelago, his influential work which is 150 years old this year.

Alfred Russel Wallace is a shared UK-Indonesia legacy. The Wallacea Region plays a major role in the development of biodiversity research and has become the pride of Indonesia as a living laboratory with one of the most ecologically-diverse areas on the planet. The British Council has initiated Wallacea Week, a weeklong festival that inspiringly brings together science and arts to build Wallace’s legacy and further preserve and develop the potential of the Wallacea Region.

About Wallacea Week 2019

Wallacea Week is an annual event initiated by the British Council to celebrate the biodiversity and culture of Indonesia, inspiring people to protect the environment and encouraging young people to explore science in various fields.

Wallacea Week 2019 will be held in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This event is the culmination of a series of Wallacea Week festivals that have been held since 2017, and it coincides with the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alfred Russel Wallace's travelogue, The Malay Archipelago.

Wallacea Week invites the general public to explore more about the Wallacea Region and the figure of Wallace himself through a series of exhibitions, film screenings, public talks and a science symposium organised by the British Council in partnership with the government, NGOs, academia, the private sector, artists and the media.

We invite you to join us to celebrate diversity through the series of Wallacea Week 2019 events. All events are open to the public and are free of charge.

Wallacea Week 2019 Programme

23-28 November 2019

Wallacea Exhibition | Nipah Mall
Inviting visitors to trace Wallace's journey, to gain understanding about biodiversity and current challenges in the Wallacea Region, to think of concrete actions in protecting biodiversity and culture, that we can initiate as individuals.Works that will be exhibited include ‘Nadabumi’ Creative Technology Exhibition by Invisible Flock (UK) x Digital Nativ (UD), Storytelling Exhibition, and 'Craft as Arts' Exhibition by ‘Meet the Makers’ Community.

22-28 November 2019

Film Screening | Rumata Art Space, Fort Rotterdam and Nipah Mall
In partnership with Makassar’s creative hub Rumata Artspace and Bioskop Keliling by the Ministry of Education and Culture, documentary films depicting environmental and cultural issues will be screened, followed by a discussion.

25-26 November 2019

Wallacea Frontiers of Science Symposium | Hasanuddin University
The science symposium will discuss various topics centered on the diversity of Wallacea Region, held by the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), Indonesian Academy of Young Scientists (ALMI) and the Ministry of Research and Technology in partnership with British Council.

27 November 2019

Public Talks | Hasanuddin University
Delivered by inspiring speakers from Indonesia and the UK, the talks will explore topics that are relevant with Indonesia’s current and future development ranging from conservation, crafts, to food sustainability, science and society.

27-28 November 2019

Theatre Performance | Hasanuddin University and Nipah Mall
A theater collaboration by Indonesian and British artists reenacting Alfred Russell Wallace’s life story and showcasing environmental and cultural issues in multimedia format.