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Saturday 12 November 2016 to Saturday 10 December 2016

Haunting and ethereal, Someone Come Find Me is a live sound poem, a video art work and a public installation for the open sea, all in one. A 21st century message in a bottle, originally made for the English coast, it’s being remixed for Jakarta’s celebrated beach front at Ancol.

A special opening event will be held on 12 and 13 November. 

Sat 12 Nov, 19.00, Lagoon Beach, Ancol - Launch event

You can send a virtual message in a bottle via SMS to a buoy off the coast of Jakarta: a private thought, a cry for help, a postcard for someone far away. Your message will be translated by the buoy and  flashed out to sea in morse code, visible for miles and miles.

Sat 19 – Sun 20 Nov, all day, as part of Digital Design Weekend - Live feed and public engagement

Visitors to the Digital Design Weekend can send their messages from Kota Tua and see the live feed of their thoughts being  flashed out: they will also be visible on a live link-up at FACT in Liverpool, half a world away.

Free admission.

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About the artist

Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock is an interactive arts organisation based in Leeds; Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton. They make highly participatory live and digital work on a large scale. Described by the Guardian as 'real innovators' of digital & interactive art they are renowned for creating ground breaking hybrid work across forms.  



Miebi Sikoki working on 3D printing Machine

Miebi Sikoki Miebi Sikoki

Maker and Technologist, Digital Nativ

Miebi is a maker and technologist. A graduate in Visual Communication Design. His work centers around the adoption of technology as a medium, which through applied parameters, evolve inherent properties and behaviours, giving form to his ideas.

He founded Digital Nativ, a company of thinkers, builders, programmers, and dreamers with a tendency towards complexity, turning simple rule sets into deep user experiences, pushing the boundaries of future possibilities.

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