Tuesday 11 August 2020 -
17:30 to 18:30

COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging pandemic in modern history, yet we have seen so many scientists and medical service professionals, being at the forefront, working hard to seek solutions and tackle the problem. Engineering and technology are the ones that behind many of our social development and innovation, paving the way to a sustainable and healthy life for people. 

Have you ever wonder how engineering and technology could help deal with social challenges? 

How the future would look like with engineering and technology development?

Would you like to bring positive impact with engineering and tech knowledge?

If you are interested in discovering possibility beyond boundary, join us in this Engineering for better employability webinar session! On 11 August, British Council will invite academics from Imperial College London, University of Exeter and University of Sunderland to share information on engineering and technology subjects-- we will discuss the strengths for each university, latest trends in this field, career support to build students’ success in the future. Audiences are more than welcome to interact with the speakers during the Q & A session. 

Webinar Details
Engineering for better employability - how to get well prepared for post COVID -19 career development  
Date: 11 August 2020
Time: 17.30 – 18.30 WIB
Registration link: 

Professor Peter Childs
Chair and Leader in Engineering Design, Imperial College London

Professor Akbar Javadi
Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Exeter

Professor Alastair Irons
Academic Dean, Faculty of Technology, University of Sunderland