Tuesday 04 December 2018

British Council Indonesia actively conducts series of events designed to present a fresh perspective of the UK as an exciting and inviting place to live, study, and to communicate UK excellence in science, education, and creativity. Several times in a year British Council organizes programmes that provide opportunities for students from Indonesia to identify the most suitable institution/university according to their choice of subject.

One of the programmes that British Council has successfully held annually is Study UK Exhibition.

The British Council is inviting professional supplier to provide Event Organizer services for Study UK Exhibition in Jakarta. To join this tender, supplier is required to read the attached documents and submit tender response (supplier response and pricing approach) at the latest Tuesday, 4 December 2018, 10:00 WIB

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP)
  2. Annex 1 – Terms and Conditions of Contract
  3. Annex 3 – Supplier Response (to be completed by supplier)
  4. Annex 4 -  Pricing Approach (to be completed by supplier)