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Robbie Thomson and Alicia Matthews (UK) will collaborate with WAFT Lab (ID) on a project titled, "Megalith Teleport International". It's a transcendental, intercontinental multimedia project, exploring prehistoric cultures, technology and contemporary modes of communication and community. 

Megalith Teleport International is a celebration of local archaeological sites that were central to ancient spiritual life, including an online research archive, workshops and culminating in a live experimental performance.

Robbie Thomson

Robbie Thomson is an artist working in visual art, music and pewrformance, he is currently based in Siabost on the Isle of Lewis. Robbie's interests include the interplay of technology and consciousness, experimental psychology, cybernetics, industrial landscapes and megalithic sites.Robbie was a founder of the Glue Factory in Glasgow and since 2013 has been a member of the Cryptic Artist programme. His work has been presented at festivals throughout the UK, Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, Korea, and Australia.

Alicia Matthews

Alicia Matthews is a Scottish artist based on the Isle of Lewis. She works between the fields of sound, live performance, moving image and installation. At present her practice is in informed by the interplay of sound between synthetic and natural environments, mysticism & the ecology of the Western Isles. Prior work has been performed to audiences around the UK including Tate Modern & Tate Britain and internationally at galleries & festivals in Lublin, Guangzhou, New York and Venice. Past compositions have been commissioned by the likes of Jerwood Resonance & Radiophrenia. Alicia hosts a monthly show on London’s NTS Radio. Other musical projects include SUE ZUKI, LAPS (DFA, MIC recs) and co-running the independent record label Domestic Exile. 

Helmi Hardian

Helmi Hardian is an emerging artist, He lives in Surabaya, the city that is well known for its industry and technology. He is the co-founder of Waft Lab, a creative-based initiative that works at interdisciplinary practices. He focuses on tech development through DIY/DIWO culture and playing his role in researching, hacking, or deconstructing daily materials to provide some devices with new functional aspects, as well as developing workshop kits, lecturing contents, and presentation materials, which aim to learn, share, and exchange knowledge. 


Uncletwis is a young and wreckless artist, who focused on low technology, analog system and his red rambutans character as a medium and concept of his work. Lives in Surabaya, the city that is well known for its industry, tradings and technology. He did modification, deconstruction and reconstruction on any object there as his aproach to his artwork. being playfull and non sporty person. His project of performance art called Hyper Allergic, Noise Brut, and Saucillators also bring the technology, performative, DIY sound and ambience elements during his performance. Looking toward for any chance to collaborative with others, and spread the spirit of learn, make, hack, play, and share, chill out, stay high.