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Performance Artists Emma Frankland (UK) and Tamarra (ID) will spend six months in dialogue, creating conversations with each other; the land around them and their local trans communities. 

Emma Frankland

Performance Artist Emma Frankland’s work often focusses on honesty, action and a playfully destructive DIY aesthetic using materials with different transformative properties. Recently, Emma’s work has focussed on the performance series “None of Us is Yet a Robot - Five Performances on Gender Identity and the Politics of Transition”.


Tamarra is a self-taught performance artist. Tamarra’s work mostly talks about gender, sexuality, transgender history in Indonesia, religion, and humanity. Recent projects include the presentation of 'Calabai Janggeng' with Emma Frankland for British Council and Biennale Jogja XV - Ekuator # 5: 'Do we live in the same PLAYGROUND?'