Mark Crossey, Director of Programmes British Council Indonesia memberikan kata sambutan di malam pembukaan Europe on Screen 2014. ©

© Europe on Screen

Mark Crossey, Director of Programmes of British Council Indonesia gives remarks at 2014 Europe on Screen opening night. © Europe on Screen

71 films from 28 European countries were featured in 2014 Europe on Screen (EoS) from May 2 – 11. This year, the festival also had screenings in nine cities, a proof that EoS continues to grow – compared to last year that had screenings only in seven cities. The mission to change some fallacies about European films seemed to trigger the growth, besides the public appreciation of the festival itself.

“European films are perceived to be slow, difficult and artsy. They are also seen to be interminable, heavy in content, and full of dialog. That perception might come from the fact that European films are more character-driven compared to US films that are driven by plot,” said Europe on Screen Festival Director Orlow Seunke at the EoS opening night.

To support 2014 EoS, British Council brought three feature films and two documentary films. One of the films was winner of Best Adapted Screenplay at the BAFTA Award 2014, Philomena that got chosen as the opening film.

All five movies received positive response. Screenings of Philomena, The Angle’s Share and The Pirates! were filled with people who watched the films and stayed until the end. Music lovers and or documentary film enthusiasts also enjoyed Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet and Mission to Lars

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