By UK/Indonesia 2016-18 team

21 October 2018 - 15:04

Echi posing in Teatum Jones clothes for the photo shoot
Echi wears Teatum Jones, the clothes are designed to be wearable for all.

UK/ID festival have collaborated with designers Sean Sheila and Teatum Jones to put on show at Jakarta Fashion week with a difference.

'I’m here with British Council to collaborate with Indonesian designers, we’re doing inclusive open casting that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in Jakarta Fashion Week.'

Rob Jones, Teatum Jones

Rob Jones taking a photo of a disabled model
The designers put out an open call to disabled models, inviting them to be part of the catwalk. 
models chosen for fashion week
13 people came to the casting and five were chosen to walk the catwalk.
Namira being photographed
The five models then went into hair and make up then took part in a photoshoot.
Sean Sheila standing together at the open casting
Sean and Sheila at the open casting. The garments they make are crafted by deaf and mute people, they work with a disabled school to make their clothes.
Feby wears Sean Sheila. They are trying to increase awareness about disability and fashion.

We want to combat fast fashion, it’s really bad for the environment and the industry itself. The fashion industry cannot go on like this.

Sean Sheila

The show will include non-disabled models too, it’s about being inclusive and making sure disabled people have access to the same opportunities as other models. This collaboaration marks a very important time in the fashion industry, modelling should be representative of the diverse world that we live in.