By Azarine Arinta, Programme Officer, UK/Indonesia 2016-18

14 July 2017 - 20:56

Candodance Ballet ID Candoco Dance Company
CanDoDance gathers professional dancers from different genre and deaf dancers to showcase a new piece created by choreographers from UK dance company, Candoco Dance Company. Overcoming their differences, they illustrate how everyone can dance and create any kind of arts regardless their conditions.  ©

Andi Intan Anjani

Leading up to 2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala, Ballet.ID collaborated with the British Council and Candoco Dance Company from the UK to create a special piece which includes non-disabled and disabled dancers alike. CanDoDance started with an audition of several dancers and finally 14 dancers are chosen - eight non-disabled dancer and six deaf dancers. For one week, these dancers trained under Candoco's choreographers, Mirjam Gutner and Tanja Erhart. Despite their differences, they proved everyone that their unique individualities can be merged into a wonderful dance piece which was showcased during a work-in-progress show in Gedung Teater Jakarta on July 7th last week. 

"These 14 dancers come from different genre of dance." – Mariska Febriyani, Founder of Ballet ID.

Mariska who initiated this program said that this a groundbreaking project in Indonesia. She had her doubts at first. But, when she attended the Unlimited Festival of Disability Arts in Scotland as the Indonesian delegates for the British Council last year, she was deeply inspired. 

"I realised that human limitation is not caused by our physical limitation, but rather, our own fearful thoughts."

Disability arts is one of British Council's main concern and a huge theme of UK/Indonesia 2016-18 programme. Through programme like CanDoDance, British Council aims to promote the work of the exciting generation of excellent disabled artists, disabled-led companies and inclusive arts organisations. It also aims to share the ways arts organisations are increasing access to the arts for disabled people as audiences and visitors. 

"We want everyone to be able to involve themselves in creative and artistic process without having to worry about their limitations."  – Paul Smith, Country Director British Council Indonesia.

Mirjam Gutner Tanja Erhart Candoco Dance Company
Mirjam Gurtner and Tanja Erhart of Candoco Dance Company, the choreographers and teachers for CanDoDance. At the age of 6 Tanja’s left leg was amputated because of a medical condition. Since then Tanja explores the world and the possibilities in dance with her various bodies. Mirjam works as an independent choreographer and dance artist in Basel, Berlin and London. ©

Andi Intan Anjani

Candodance Ballet ID Candoco Dance Company Indonesia Ballet Gala
The dance created by Tanja and Mirjam focused to the individuality of each dancers who come from different background.  ©

Yudika Nababan – Seputar Event

The full piece of CanDoDance will be performed in The 2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala in Jakarta Theatre on September 23rd. The tickets are available for sale starting on July 10th. In addition to this collaborative work, there will be a special performance by Candoco Dance Company as well.