By Shakia Stewart, Digital Content Manager

19 October 2017 - 17:52

A woman wearing headphones watching a video.
Audience members were able to watch videos from the residencies, including footage from musicians Dani Carragher and Laura (She Makes War) who spent six weeks in Indonesia with Kunokini.

What happens when artists take their ideas to the other side of the world?

More than 30 artists and arts organisations have taken part in UK/ID residencies, both in Indonesia and the UK, over the last year. They are exploring different themes but they always work with fellow artists, curators and local communities, using various media from sculpture to video and sound installation, incorporating new and experimental technology whenever they can. 

First Dates captures the differences and difficulties, but also the surprising things that people find they have in common, even when they come from places 11,000 kilometres apart. 

Take a look at some of the exhibits on show at The Establishment as part of the UK/ID festival this year:

An interactive musical piece by Indonesian experimental artist and musician Uncle Twis from Surabaya who is interested in myth and local wisdom. Inspired by the beautiful landscape encountered during a month long residency in Scotland, he created this piece from found objects.
Abi Rama worked with Blast Theory on this piece which asks the question: Are you watching the media, or are they watching you?
A map of Bandung overlaid with video.
Part of the works curated by Emily Gray during her residency in Bandung tells the history of the city. This map of Bandung is overlapped with video, and addresses the issues around the politics of segregation whilst reflecting on its consequences.  
An audience member looking at video.
Other video work on display includes work by Scottish artists Heather Lander who explored Makassar with Tanahindie 

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