By UK/Indonesia 2016-18 team

28 September 2018 - 17:54

ice hanging from the ceiling of the reservoir
‘We walked into the darkness in water, we didn’t know what to expect. Suddenly you’re immersed in and surrounded by art’ Derek gold, audience member.

With so much noise online, we’ve becoming good at tuning out. Sometimes this means important messages - like the threat of global warming and the effects of climate change - get lost. With Aurora, audience members are invited to find their own message in the piece during the 40 minutes inside the reservoir, and through the thought-provoking and emotive use of ice, water, lights and sound, a clear message comes through - that water is precious, and we should care.

toxteth reservoir
Aurora is a collaboration by artists around the world including Indonesia and the UK. We were lucky enough to experience it and find out how members of the public reacted to the installation in Toxteth reservoir, Liverpool.
Close up of the ice at the Aurora installation
‘I felt all sorts of ideas running through my head about the ice melting’ Pat Green, audience member.
ice blocks hanging above the water
'Aurora was oppressive, scary, calm and serene. It was everything that water is and does.' Fay Ryan.
interview in Toxteth reservoir with Vick from Invisible Flock
Victoria Pratt, Creative Director at Invisible Flock being interviewed inside the reservoir.
the mist falling down on the ice
‘I was in awe, to see how water can change shape and form. If you think about it, the other side of water is quite scary, especially in the Indonesian context where Jakarta is way below the sea level, it’s interesting to think about mother nature and it’s force. It’s contradictory, it’s beautiful and scary at the same time.. Aurora brings those contradictions to life.’ Irma Chantily.

'It wasn’t made easy for you, you had to look around, you had to interpret what was going on. There was no one telling you where to look or where to go' Dave Green.

The Aurora experience was made possible by the relationships between artistis from around the world. It is wonderful to see how collaboration can create something so meaningful, important and relevant.

You can expereince the sights and sounds of Aurora by downloading the app for free:

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