By UK/Indonesia 2016-18 team

12 December 2018 - 17:22

Despite having never set foot in Indonesia, Lapalux, Stuart Howard, claimed to be excited at the prospect of finding new inspiration for his sound on the Indonesian soil. “I’m planning to go to record shops and find gamelan style of music then do bits and pieces with it,” he says prior to performing at the rooftop of Hotel Monopoli Jakarta for The Other Festival.

Hailing from Essex, the electronic musician is among the most prominent names in the subgenre of wonky, typified by its off-kilter, unstable beats. “I like to fuse drum machine and modular synth. My sound has a bit of everything to it. I improvise a lot and see what happens when I’m playing,” he explains. 

This go-with-the-flow attitude is certainly reflected in his loose, kinetic compositions. “When you’re making music, you get to the point where you know how certain things are made and done. After a while, it gets boring listening to the same thing over and over again,” he reasons.

“When I’m making music, it’s about finding something that I find interesting,” he continues, and this was evident in his live performance, which, true to his promise, featured upbeat, interesting and strange different blend of sounds.

This is partly why he finds his visit to Indonesia exciting, especially in the context of UK/ID Festival.

“I try to push myself to make things that are pushing boundaries in terms of not only production but also making weird sounds or manipulating sounds in a certain way, using different techniques,”

-Stuart Howard (Lapalux)-

Using a collage-like approach seems to be his modus operandi in making music. “I like the mix of digital and analog, soft chords mixed with harsh sounds and beats, that type of thing. I aim to mesh it all together. That’s where I’m at at the moment,” he says. Judging by his rousing live set at The Other Festival, there is no denying that where Lapalux is at the moment is exactly where he should be.