In summer 2021, a series of digital Culture and Environment Roundtables were held in four countries: Turkey, Indonesia, Colombia and Nigeria with a final event in Milan to coincide with Youth4Climate.

Julie’s Bicycle convened the Roundtables, alongside four in-country organisations, in partnership with The British Council as part of The Climate Connection, a global platform for dialogue, cooperation and action against climate change, in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference, COP26.

Selected participants from environmental and cultural fields came together – including policy-makers, municipalities, artists and cultural organisations – to explore how culture, and cultural policy specifically, is responding to the climate crisis.

The Roundtables were held under amended Chatham House Rule, but the findings, insights and themes were collated into a suite of short reports and visual minutes. In spite of widely different cultural contexts many of the themes and insights were shared.

The Roundtable hosted in Indonesia was convened in partnership with Indonesian organisation INSPIRIT, and the British Council as part of the Climate Connection programme. 

Read the findings, insights, and themes in the short report, downloadable below.