Sinta Tantra in front of one of her artworks © Sinta Tantra

Sinta Tantra has been selected for the 2014 Artist International Development Award by Arts Council England and British Council. The award offers support to UK based artists interested in expanding their practice internationally and increasing collaboration with creative practitioners abroad. 

A graduate of the Royal Academy of the Arts, Tantra's work has been exhibited internationally from Hong Kong to The Hague. Known for her work in the public realm, Tantra has worked on many prestigious public art commissions including a 300 metre long painted railway bridge in the heart of London’s financial district Canary Wharf. 

Although Tantra has completed large scale projects in Indonesia before -  ICAD (Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design), Jakarta 2013 and solo exhibition at Gaya Art Space, Bali 2009 - this award marks her first artist residency in Indonesia.

Hosted by Cemeti Art House and Mes56, Tantra will be working with master batik craftsman to explore new approaches to her practice. The artwork produced throughout will culminate in a final exhibition at Mes56.

“Although I have been aware of batik my entire life, it was only recently that I thought it could be a solution to formal problems arising in my work. For years I have been making large scale hardedge paintings where perfection is essential and spontaneity impossible. The quality of line achieved in batik could be described as both precise and spontaneous - the handling of the molten wax can teach me to embrace 'losing control'. I am excited at the prospect of this ancient textile technique which will enrich my present painting practice,” Tantra explained.

“At the British Council we are thrilled to support Sinta’s residency in Yogyakarta this summer. We hope that our support will enable Sinta to develop her artistic practice both creatively and professionally. Furthermore we also hope that her time in Indonesia will have wider impact and benefit, allows Indonesian arts organisations and artists to create new connections and relationships with the uk and also offer a chance for the public to discover Sinta’s fantastic and unique work,” said Evonne Mackenzie, Director Arts, British Council Indonesia.

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